[NTLK] Thanks for Welcoming Me... MP120

Todd Allen applguy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 15:41:17 PST 2021

Hey Sonny & Dan- Thanks for welcoming me!
 Yes, the Newton MP 120 I have, does have NOS v1.3 on it! After replacing
the 2032 battery the date went back to 1993... there will be a lot of
tapping on the 'Set Date' to bring it up to 2021!
 I will definitely be checking out the Website- (https://unna.org) as
mentioned by Dan, and another website that is included in the Paper
Brochure I have (https://40hz.org).
 I'll scour the Low End Mac (LEM) List for a suitable Powerbook 100 Series
laptop, so I can connect an ADB Connector to the MP120.
 The other option (Keyspan USB to ADB adapter) I discovered has a driver
supported by KeySpan for my Macbook on 10.13 High Sierra (
https://www.tripplite.com/support/USA19HS) so I'll try this first before I
invest in and older Powerbook 160 or 180!


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