[NTLK] MP2x00 Case

M.D. S mdsf001 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 16:32:03 PST 2021

Here's an excellent site that sells plastic cases of all shapes and sizes.
They are affordable, well made and really useful.

I have several... for my book reader, a laptop, an iPad,  some paintball
sidearms, a small drone and my cell phone.
I'm in the military so I sometimes go on exercise in the field and take
some of my devices along with me.
My things are always safe even if I stuff them in a rucksack (backpack).

The site is
They're a Canadian company just outside of Montreal. They ship worldwide.

They have different lines ranging from light duty all the way to extreme

I'm thinking of getting the 601 Clickcase
for my 2100. It only costs $9.82 (Canadian). Yup.. that's it.
Most of the items can be bought on their site (except for the heavy duty
Nanuk cases which are sold through resellers.

Hope this helps.


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> Still looking for carrying cases for my MP2x00.. let me know what you
> have.
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