[NTLK] At last! An eMate of my very own!

Forrest newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 10 04:26:44 PST 2021

Well, not that there was ever a competition here for one.

It would appear that I will soon be the proud (!!) owner of an eMate 300 (was there any other—mass produced?)

I could not pass up $55 plus shipping for one that appears to be in good sound condition externally, but is being sold “as is—untested” because the seller claims to have no way to power it up.

Color it MINE!

Of course, first order of business—after a good wipe down with diluted bleach (I do this with all my thrift store and Internet purchases, always have), will be to determine if it will power up. From previous recent discussion I know a Newton MP power supply will work.

Then, it’s on to Frank’s site for the hinge repair instructions!

I must confess that I am excited by this purchase.


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