[NTLK] Developers HELP needed: Einstein, merging the matt2020 branch back into master (GitHub)

Ionos: robowerk.de m.melcher at robowerk.de
Mon Mar 8 15:02:09 PST 2021

Hello developers, hi devs on NewtonTalk that I could not reach otherwise.

I am merging the matt2020 branch back into the master branch, and I 
don;t want to trample on active work. Please let me know if you are 
still using:

- _Build_/Jam: this has not worked since at least May 2020 and has not 
been updated for four years. Is anyone still using this (pure X11, Nokia 
support, Cygwin, RasPi command line)?

- _Build_/CMake: this is limited to Linux/macOS command line versions of 
Einstein and also has not worked for at least a year. Is anyone still 
using this?

- _Build_/VisualC8: same as above, no real GUI, anyone still using this?


  - Matthias

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