[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 87, Issue 12

Chris Lepine chris at tinyredstudio.com
Mon Mar 8 10:10:49 PST 2021

Thanks Noah! 

I'm in Alberta, but I have family in Gaspésie. I grew up in english-speaking communities, but I've managed to stay (conversationally) bilingual over the years with my Quebecois side of the family.

Loved your doc - beautifully shot and well researched. It's what got me back into the Newton scene after a 20+ year departure :)

I'm a coder now, so I'm looking forward to doing some Newton development in the immediate future. I'd really like to try porting the old Infocom game Z-interpreter if that hasn't been done already.


> Welcome Chris!
> Glad you enjoyed (or at least I assume you enjoyed it if you are here) Love Notes to Newton.
> I couldn?t help but see you mentioned French and Quebec and France in your last post, without revealing too much, where are you located?
> I ask because I?m in Quebec.
> Noah

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