[NTLK] The Newton FAQ ... it’s not dead

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Sun Mar 7 21:43:19 PST 2021

So much has been happening in the Newton community lately.

I am constantly amazed at the continued interest in this incredible (if somewhat cantankerous) computing platform of ours and the community that surrounds it.

With that in mind, I wanted to let everyone know that over the past several months I have been working on updating (and tidying up) the voluminous Newton FAQ.

At one point in time, the Newton FAQ was *the* source for information regarding our beloved handheld platform. But over the years, as interest in the Newton started to wane, sites began disappearing from the interwebs and deep linkrot set in. There was a lot of valuable information in the FAQ, but the online support and external documentation was beginning to be lost to the digital ether.

Since taking over the reigns of the FAQ from Paul Guyot and Daniel Padilla back in <cough>2003</cough>, the FAQ has been in semi-stasis. But I have been slowly relinking resources to the Internet Archive, editing the bits that are still pertinent, and generally attempting to maintain the FAQ as a viable resource for all of us.

The current iteration of the Newton FAQ still has a lot of missing pieces, but it is definitely a living, breathing document once again.

And, it has a new permanent home:


If you’d like to help with additions, edits, or updates, the Newton FAQ resides on GitHub as a public repository.





Grant Hutchinson
NewtonTalk List Dad & Interweb Custodian

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