[NTLK] My New eMate 300 - Hinge Fix!!!!

Paul Nuernberger pen at baroncompsys.com
Sat Mar 6 14:04:15 PST 2021


IIRC, Mr PCBMan has recently returned to this list and is looking for a 2100 - even a broken one.

Perhaps he would be willing to trade the emate hinge repair work for you broken 2100?

Couldn't hurt to ask him.



Jim C. <guardsix6 at gmail.com> wrote

Thanks to all who wrote about the possible hinge problem.


So, I did read the instructions on how to take apart the eMate 300 and check the hinges. When I saw the word, “desolder”. I immediately stopped reading and will probably leave my eMate 300 open for the rest of my life (should be only about 30 more years).


I am not about to open this beautiful peace of history. If there was someone who could do such work around my part of the country (Texas, USA), then I might be willing to ship it off or deliver it to them, but I ain’t touching it!


I guess if there’s someone who wants a broken Messagepad 2100, I could ship it to you depending on the cost. It’s not worth anything to me, but if someone can fix one and then use it to further the Newton hardware and software community, I’ll be glad to give it to you.  Just let me know.

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