[NTLK] Anyone heard from Steve Weyer recently?

Stephen Weyer swxtra1 at icloud.com
Fri Mar 5 06:46:53 PST 2021

hi Sylvain (and others),

if you or anyone here gets a 403 error (forbidden access)
when trying to access https://communicrossings.com/ <https://communicrossings.com/>
email me with your IP address and I’ll make sure I unblock the IP range like I did for Grant.
(basically, when I notice hacking attempts on my site I tend to aggressively block ranges)

you can email me at saweyer at gmail.com <mailto:saweyer at gmail.com>  or swxmail at icloud.com <mailto:swxmail at icloud.com>

a separate topic recently discussed here — about NSBasic source — reminded me
I had intended to open source all of my Newton software: Newt’s Cape, NewtDev, newtVNC, etc.
(the beer license sounds great).

I had created a github account, but I wasn’t sure that I had the correct tools / process / result.
if anyone else there wants to help with the conversion of NTK projects,
it would happen faster and be appreciated by all, I assume


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> Oh you too!
> It's my case, my IP was blocked by its host when I tried to download a part of its site that I wanted to save for an offline consultation. Since more than two weeks, I can't consult his site anymore? 
> Should I let him know, or will he refresh this list?

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