[NTLK] Mobiscribe Interest

Jim C. guardsix6 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 09:08:45 PST 2021

I’ve attempted to follow the Android directions to install Einstein on my Mobiscribe Origin, but I’m having a problem with the device recognizing where the rom file is located. Per the instructions on Messagepad.org <http://messagepad.org/>, I’ve placed the rom file, 717006.rom, in sdcard/download/einstein/717006.rom

I don’t know if this makes a difference, by the path to the rom on the Origin is labeled storage/extsd/Download/Einstein/  

Some help would be appreciated and thanks!

Jim Chapman
Guardsix6 at gmail.com <mailto:guardsix6 at gmail.com>

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The Android port of Einstein basically works on MobiScribe. It's slow, 
but I did some improvements that helped. While I am in the process of 
merging Einstein branches, I will make the Android version compile well, 
no longer crash, and hopefully will be able to make it faster.

There is no Network support for Android yet, but I am quite certain that 
it will be not much of a problem. The emulation connects the network of 
the host, so there is no problem with WPA2. Android handles that.

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