[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 86, Issue 25

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Thu Mar 4 07:59:38 PST 2021

On 3/4/2021 2:32 AM, Mark Kuberski wrote:
> Hi Matthais,
> I was able to bring in your changes into Xcode and compile a copy for iOS. 


> But I wanted to know how I could force the PCMCIA Card (HardCoded) to look for the 20MB Card.  (This could be a different size 10MB, or something else, bigger is better tho).  Here’s what the “files” in Files tab look like when I connect my iOS device.
> iOSEinstein
> 	717006.img.            16.8 MB
> 	717006.rom.            8.4 MB
> 	flash                        8.4 MB
> 	PCMCIA01.pccard. 25.2 MB	(The card has 23,479K when I look at the Memory Info in the FLTK Einstein)

Calling int TFLApp::UserActionPCCard(int inSlot, long inIndex) inserts 
and removes PCMCIA cards from a predifined list in the desktop version.

int TPlatformManager::InsertPCCard(KUInt32 inSLot, TPCMCIACard* inCard) 
handles the card action.

The TPCMCIACard class is created using the constructor 
TLinearCard::TLinearCard(const char* inImagePath) and linking it to a 
.pccard file in the file system.

The .pccard file contains the PCCard memeory contents, followed by the 
Card Information Structure, followed by a name given by the user. The 
last few words are a table of contents, pointing to the previously 
mentioned blocks (all defined in TLinearCard.h

> PS, I was going to try and put a “fork” in GitHub, but I was not able to add a branch.  This way others could view the code.  I can start a new Repo, but figured it might be nice to keep an iOS version of Einstein with Paul’s and your great code!

The correct way would be to branch. It's a git functionality, and you 
should be able to create a branch from master or matt2020. Once your 
branch works well, create a Pull Request. We can use the pull request to 
merge your changes back into master or matt2020.

> PPS.  I vote for “beerware” or “wineware” for sure!  When COVID is over, would be nice to enjoy many of these together in person!

We will! ;-)

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