[NTLK] Subject: Major change in Einstein licensing

Alain Fernandez fernandez.alain at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 21:03:19 PST 2021

> From glouglouWare to pastry, midle France  Bourbonnais Auvergnat :
with an old windurf partner from Allier AT voices /
More-over ? With pink éléphants ?
We have Arvergnat violent languages (occitan in mountains S.O ('volcanic's

Or, LA LUBIE bières, in Montluçon :
drinkable from every where ! Today, no visit
     "Ouverte depuis mai 2011, la Brasserie Blondel renoue avec une
tradition française de fabrication artisanale de la deuxième boisson la
plus consommée au monde, associée aux connaissances scientifiques
d'aujourd'hui.Nos produits sont issus de l'agriculture biologique,
certifiés par CERTIPAQ FR-BIO-09, agriculture UE / non UE.

BUT, if exchanges where able, I Can invite guys in frenchy 'terroirs'
(just, before, choose a département for french caves :
>From 'La Carnutes', the GLOUGLOU WARE, in forêt d'Orléans (the underground
caving club I leave in 2021to adopt the GS CORRÈZE, 19, known in explosives
habilties :
exemple of recent explorations : LA GROTESQUE, beer (non commercial) :

Sure that middle Europe E-O road (RCEA) will conduct you in WINE (!) &
or to :
2021 UIS (World meeting in doubt S (T)RASSE, hihihi :

AlainF, Newton passive.

> But more importantly, I decided to change the licensing of the matt2020
> > branch. Up until now, Einstein was freeware and Open Source. With all
> > the effort going into the development, I had to come up with ample
> > compensation for the developers, beta testers, user meeting organizers,
> > and other helpers:
> >
> > I hereby change the Freeware license of Einstein into a voluntary
> > Beerware license for the matt2020 branch. So if you are using Einstein
> > and you like it, and any of us will meet at some point in the future,
> > you can make me happy by inviting me (and probably anyone else in the
> > list above) to a beer from your area ;-) .

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