[NTLK] Major change in Einstein licensing...

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Tue Mar 2 16:35:39 PST 2021

As a contributor to Einstein, I raise a glass and agree to this change.

🍺 hic 🍺


On 2021-02-28 3:37 p.m., Ionos: robowerk.de wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> first of all, I uploaded v2020.4.11 for MacOS, Linux, and Windows too, 
> and all of them run at full speed (still Beta3). I will slowly update 
> documentation over the next days.
> But more importantly, I decided to change the licensing of the 
> matt2020 branch. Up until now, Einstein was freeware and Open Source. 
> With all the effort going into the development, I had to come up with 
> ample compensation for the developers, beta testers, user meeting 
> organizers, and other helpers:
> I hereby change the Freeware license of Einstein into a voluntary 
> Beerware license for the matt2020 branch. So if you are using Einstein 
> and you like it, and any of us will meet at some point in the future, 
> you can make me happy by inviting me (and probably anyone else in the 
> list above) to a beer from your area ;-) .
> Of course I can't change licensing on Paul's branch, but I have a 
> feeling, he might like a Wineware or Sakeware license.
> Seriously though, a bunch of you have offered to send me money for my 
> work on Einstein, and I really appreciate the thought. I am very 
> comfortable, and writing Einstein is a hobby and a lot of fun. Please 
> don't.
> Instead, maybe invest in some Newton hardware or collectibles, publish 
> information and documentation, helping to preserve that things that 
> are still around. Maybe publish the original ROM source code, in case 
> you have it laying around on an old floppy.
>  - Matthias
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