[NTLK] eMate 300 charger

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 15:09:05 PST 2021

Can anyone explain me that document, please? http://www.unna.org/unna/apple/documentation/n2platform/n2-padg.pdf

1. Following this grap from page 2, can I power Newton from 3V power adapter and Newton will work?
2.I can understand that Newton need current limitation to 1.3A, but why on 5V level that must be between 1.1-1.3A? Why the current at this level can’t be lower?
3. Can I use constant voltage/constant current (something like this: https://ebay.us/WSPeep, set to 5V and 1.2A on output) to power Newton via power adapter socket by using USB power bank as a power source? (


> On 26 Feb 2021, at 14:48, Ionos: robowerk.de <m.melcher at robowerk.de> wrote:
> Yes, this would work quite nicely with a USB-C port that has more than enough power to run and charge the MessagePad, and it would also transfer data to the modem port or serial port.
> But with the knowledge that a malfunctioning power module on this port would instantly destroy the Newton, nobody was brave enough to develop such a thing... .
> BTW: in the documentation, the value of the resistor that indicates external charging is wrong. Using it may also destroy the Newton... . Just saying.
> - Matthias
> On 2/26/2021 3:34 PM, Noah Leon wrote:
>> Hi Pawel,
>> I didn’t realize, or maybe I forgot, that based on these documents you could power and charge the Newton with just the interconnect port. Much like an iPod or something. That would be quite neat. Maybe this has been mentioned before and I forgot, but I’m tempted to look more into this.
>> noah
>>> On UNNA there is documentation about it: http://www.unna.org/unna/apple/documentation/n2platform/n2-padg.pdf <http://www.unna.org/unna/apple/documentation/n2platform/n2-padg.pdf> ><http://www.unna.org/unna/apple/documentation/n2platform/n2-padg.pdf <http://www.unna.org/unna/apple/documentation/n2platform/n2-padg.pdf>>
>>> There is even more info about the other system components in N2 Platform folder: http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/documentation/n2platform <http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/documentation/n2platform>
>>> <http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/documentation/n2platform <http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/documentation/n2platform>>
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