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Fri Jan 8 21:30:37 PST 2021

Good idea, but no corrosion or oxidation.  The contacts inside the tray are pristine, I did check them.  Also inside the Newton itself.  I haven't tried the AC adapter yet due to it not being handy at the moment.  I will for certain if it does not power up in a day or so.

Also in my case, perhaps I wasn't clear, I am only using the battery tray not the MP2x00 rechargeable battery.  Another reason it isn't the contacts in this case.  It is odd it doesn't seem to like rechargeables in the battery tray anymore, but would boot up with alkalines.  Well at least it did until now.


On 1/9/2021 12:09 AM, Sylvain Pilet wrote:
> Dan,
> If you Newton 2100 works correctly with an AC adapter then it is possible that the problem is located at the metal connectors (those at the bottom of the battery module slot).
> There are two possibilities:
> - the first, is that these contacts must be oxidized. This is because it is possible that at some point a set of batteries or rechargeable batteries may have leaked a little bit, and with time the metal will mostly turn greenish in color. A good part of my MP2k had this problem. To solve this problem you have to disassemble the Newton, just remove the back, unscrew part of the battery compartment (which separates in two) and clean the connectors, being careful not to bend or break them. 
> Why does it do it more with the rechargeable battery module than with the battery module? Just look at these two modules to realize that one has two metal contacts (the non-rechargeable one has one contact in the case and the second contact is simply the end of one of the batteries) and the other (the rechargeable one) has four contacts, thus multiplying the risk of bad contact.
> Sometimes you can even see this oxidation just by looking in the battery module slot, either in direct sunlight or with the help of a small lamp (you can also try with the led of your smartphone).
> - the second one, is that one or two of the metal tabs don't come in contact with the battery module connectors when you insert it in the Newton, this has already happened in one of my MP2k. Here you also have to disassembling as for the above problem. And try to straighten the metal leg(s). But sometimes the problem is not on one of the metal legs, but the one at the bottom is dislodged from its place, because as you can see, this connector has a particular shape that allows it to spring back, but only if it is properly in place, it allows the ejection of the battery. And sometimes (in cases of strong corrosion) the problem is in the plastic and the small part in which the metal connector must be wedged for the "spring" to work which has melted or is broken. But in this case you would have the problem that the battery module doesn't want to stay in place.

> Sylvain Pilet

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