[NTLK] Major change in Einstein licensing...

Ionos: robowerk.de m.melcher at robowerk.de
Sun Feb 28 12:37:53 PST 2021

Hi everyone,

first of all, I uploaded v2020.4.11 for MacOS, Linux, and Windows too, 
and all of them run at full speed (still Beta3). I will slowly update 
documentation over the next days.

But more importantly, I decided to change the licensing of the matt2020 
branch. Up until now, Einstein was freeware and Open Source. With all 
the effort going into the development, I had to come up with ample 
compensation for the developers, beta testers, user meeting organizers, 
and other helpers:

I hereby change the Freeware license of Einstein into a voluntary 
Beerware license for the matt2020 branch. So if you are using Einstein 
and you like it, and any of us will meet at some point in the future, 
you can make me happy by inviting me (and probably anyone else in the 
list above) to a beer from your area ;-) .

Of course I can't change licensing on Paul's branch, but I have a 
feeling, he might like a Wineware or Sakeware license.

Seriously though, a bunch of you have offered to send me money for my 
work on Einstein, and I really appreciate the thought. I am very 
comfortable, and writing Einstein is a hobby and a lot of fun. Please 

Instead, maybe invest in some Newton hardware or collectibles, publish 
information and documentation, helping to preserve that things that are 
still around. Maybe publish the original ROM source code, in case you 
have it laying around on an old floppy.

  - Matthias

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