[NTLK] Einstein 2020.4.11 BETA3

Matthias Melcher m.melcher at robowerk.de
Sun Feb 28 02:44:11 PST 2021

Hi Newtonians,

a few of you asked and even tried to compile Einstein themselves. So I did publish a new Beta version that is mostly focused on adding Flash-PCCard support. I will try to add documentation tonight, but I though, hey, it's Sunday. Maybe a few of you have time to experiment... .

You can create Flash cards, you can format them, you can insert and remove them. Their contents is saved when the card is removed or Einstein quits. Since this is a Beta, fresh Flash card contents will be lost if Einstein crashes for some reason. You can even download existing Flash cards from a physical MessagePad and use them in Einstein, but this si still clumsy and requires Basilisk, patience, and nerves. 

One feature request is the ability to keep cards in the Newton across reboots. If you have other feature requests or bug reports, please let me know.


MacOS is 2020.4.11
Linux also is 2020.4.11
MSWindows is still 2020.4.9, but will be updated later tonight

Have fun.

 - Matthias

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