[NTLK] Newton, Newton Accessories and Manuals for sale

bradley holt brad.holt at comcast.net
Sat Feb 20 09:59:59 PST 2021

I have a large collection of Newton material that has been in storage for sometime (see below).  We are moving and I would like it to go to a good home.  If there is someone in the Seattle Area that would like to take a look and make an offer please contact me at:

brholt at mac.com <mailto:brholt at mac.com>


Newton equipment
Newton Stuff for Sale

  -  Newton Keyboard, manual. and case  in box
  -  Newton Keyboard and case
  -  Newton Fax Modem (x2), 1 power supply 
  -  Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh (box, manuals, floppy disks)
  -  Apple Newton leather Carrying Case for Newton  in box
  -  Apple MessagePad 120, running 2.0, is sliding leather case.  Newton Manual
  -  Apple MessagePad 120.  Doesn’t appear to start up but haven’t explored it much
  -  Farallon EtherMac IPrint Adapter and power supply (x2)
  -  3Com Etherlink III ParallelTasking PCMCIA adapter
  -  AMD 20 Flash D Series Flash Memory Card
  -  Newton 1 MB storage card
  -  Newton 2 MB storage card (x2)
  -  Newton 4 mb storage card 
  -  Newton 9 Watt power adapter (x2)
  -  MessagePad 2000 rechargeable battery pack (unknown state)
  -  Message Pad 2000 upgraded to 2100?.  Did not boot under battery but came up on AC power.  Cover is broken/ missing. Some of the software below is installed on it.   Has a some personal (thought old) information on it.  It would have to be deleted (I don’t remember how to erase it)   Also original box
  -  Newton serial to standard serial converter
  -  Newton Battery Pack Recharger and box (battery pack has been opened and emptied
  -  Newton Rechargeable Battery Pack and box (battery probably toast)
  — MessagePad Communications System MessagePad and Box.  Newton boots under AC into 1.3.  Slipcase 

Software (Mac on 3” floppies unless noted)

  -  Accountable (ver 1.03  2 disks)
  -  Accountable (ver 2.0, 2 disks)
  -  Accountable (ver 2.51, 2 disks)
  -  Notion - list designer
  -  Notion (ver 1.51)
  -  Notion (ver 2.0)
  -  Quick Figure (ver 1.10
  -  Quick Figure Pro (ver 2.0)
  -  Quick Figure Pro (ver 2.1)
  -  Quick Figure Pro  (ver 3.0)
  -  Quick Figure Pro  (ver 3.1)
  -  Quick Figure Pro  (ver 4)
  -  Apple  Newton Software Backup Disk for Mac os (2 disks)
  -  The writestuff and printed manual
  -  Merlin & WordSleuth
  -  Xport 2.1
  -  Farallon, Ethermac Adapter User Guide
  -  Newton Contnection Utilities User’s Manual, Mac & Windows
  -  Newton Works Word Processor User’s Manual
  -  Newton Fax Modem Handbook
  -  Newton Internet Enabler User’s Manual
  -  MessagePad 2000 Getting Started

  -  MessagePad Upgrade CD for Windows and Mac

  -  Moreinfo 4.0
  -  En Route
  -  Notion
  -  QuickFigure Pro
  -  Merlin Wordsleuth
  -  Great Plains personal time and billing  Manual & Tutorial
  -  Accountable 
  -  Net Hopper
  -  MessagePad 2000 User’s Manual
  -  MoreInfo 5.0  (printed users manual)
  -  Apple, using email on your MessagePad 2000
  -  HyperNewton 2.2 (printed manual)
  -  Newton Internet Enabler (printed manual)
  -  Newton, The Newton PDA Platforem
  -  Newton, Meet the relatives
  -  Newton Information sleeve and documents inside
  -  NewtonMail Starter Kit
  -  Newton quick reference guide
  -  Newton MessagePad 100 Setup and Handwriting Guide
  -  Newton MessagePad Setup Guide
  -  Newton MessagePad Handbook

  -  Newton Messepad 100 Permiers contacts
  -  Berlitz Interrupter User Manual
  -  Newton MessagePad Guide de l’utilisateur

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