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> Le 15 févr. 2021 à 16:11, Ionos: robowerk.de <m.melcher at robowerk.de> a écrit :
> No, worse. Just writing to a Flash address does nothing. You have to write specific command in a given order to set a chunk of memory cells (bits) to all 1's. Followed by another command sequence to enable writing, followed by a fixed number of bits, but only 0s are actaully written (you can never write an individual 1). All that has to follow some timing conditions to truly work.
> If all that is really essential to a bunch of users, it may be possible to write a Newton App that does these things, but there should be easier ways to write Flash cards.

I don't know about the others, because many Newton users will switch to Einstein even more often. Especially when it will be possible to save the contents of virtual memory cards on Einstein. There will be a few addicts left, who will still use real Newton. Only those can be interested in this option.

On my old laptop PC Toshiba I have the M-Systems utilities under DOS (which manages several brands) that allow to make an image of a Pc Card RAM and if need be to write it on another card, it was used to copy the software of Cisco routers that used PCMCIA Memory Cards.
I never tried it with a Newton card... I'll try it just to see.
But it's almost another subject!

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