[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 86, Issue 13

Ionos: robowerk.de m.melcher at robowerk.de
Mon Feb 15 07:03:01 PST 2021

On 2/15/2021 11:35 AM, Pawel Piotrowski wrote:
> I’ve managed to setup email account, but when I’m trying to check email in SimpleMail, the whole Einstein just crash.

>> This is a little more complicated than the need to have a Newton-compatible email address.
>> The reason is that currently (but Matthias could certainly talk about it in a more technical way), the part that manages network access in Einstein is not 100% functional. To put it simply, as long as we receive data via the network, everything is fine because if the flow is too long, the data is truncated (for example on NewtScape, the whole content of the pages is not correctly loaded...), but as soon as we have to send data (like sending an email for example), it gets even more stuck.

I thought that these issues were fixed in V2020.4.7 and later, but 
obviously not. Could either of you send me a Flash file with everything 
installed and tell me the exact steps that lead to the crash?


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