[NTLK] PCMCIA for the brave...

Ionos: robowerk.de m.melcher at robowerk.de
Sun Feb 14 06:59:32 PST 2021

On 2/13/2021 12:14 PM, Sylvain Pilet wrote:
> I have tested this Beta and I have some small problems:
> Do you perform manipulation on CIS and images files of the cards extracted from the Newton?
> Because when I try to mount the images I sent you, Einstein tells me that the card is not recognised, no matter what disk image I point it to?

The files that you downloaded using Hammer (I call them the data/cis 
snapshots) need to be converted into an image (.pccard) first. You can 
do that by choosing

[Settings > PC Cards > [+] > Create Image from Snapshot...]

> Will it be possible in a future version to transfer a .pccard directly to a real memory card (PCMCIA) from Einstein (provided of course that the size is respected)?

That would be quite difficult. I am not sure if I can convince a 
MessagePad to actually write to the cards. Flash RAM is very different 
than conventional RAM. You can't just write into it. You need to send 
commands to the Flash (for example, "erase block"), and then you can 
only clear bits. You can never set bits in Flash RAM (only "erase" big 
blocks, meaning, set all bits to 1).

Problem is, every Flash Card uses different Flash chips inside, arranged 
in different ways, using different protocols. The CIS file describes 
just that. If a Chip/Manufacturer/Layout combination is not supported by 
NewtonOS, the card becomes Read Only.

So, yes, with my current knowledge (and implementation) I can safely 
write 2MB Intel Flash cards, but none else ;-)

> Last little thing, in version 2020-4.9 of Einstein on Mac, when I rotate Newton's screen, the top of the Einstein application window (with the menu) doesn't reappear when switching from horizontal to vertical mode (found on MacOSX 10.11.16 and 10.13.6).

Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look at that. eMate support 
for the GUI is also in the pipeline, so I can combine those tasks.

> Last question, only slot 1 is currently usable, which is annoying if you want to use the network at the same time as an additional memory card. Is support for a second port planned in your development?

Yep, something is missing in the implementation for the second port. I 
am sure I will find out what's going on soon. The rest of Einstein 
supports 2 ports, some parts even 4.

> [FR]
> Encore en un grand merci pour tous le travail que tu fais sur ce projet Einstein.

Danke. Gerne geschehen. Es macht mir viel Spaß. Vor allem, wenn meine 
Änderungen auch benutzt werden und ich Feedback bekomme.

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