[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 86, Issue 8

Mark Kuberski berskyboy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 08:40:17 PST 2021

Hi Matthias

Absolutely BEERS on me, if we ever can meet each other!

On your point of the iOS Development.  Is someone else keeping up that development?  If no one is doing it, I could learn it.  What language is it?  Xcode? Swift?  Would the code you are using work with the iOS development?  For example, if I took your code, could I tweak it for iOS development?  I would have thought the development for Mac OS would be the same or similar to iOS, in that you would use the Xcode environment.  

So having said all that, I’m interested in taking an attempt at making PCMICA cards available in iOS (iPad and iPhone), but I will NEED you help! The beers just keep pilling up ;)

Let me know where I should start… maybe even starting with some tutorials to familiarize myself around Xcode.  


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> My next question is, will you port this PCMCIA functionality to all Einsteins, ie) over to the iOS Einstein?

It will work on MacOS, Windows, and Linux for sure (give it a week or 
two). It will eventually work on Android (that will be probably 3 months 
away). I can't give you an ETA for iOS. I am not maintaining that 
version. Technically, it's of course possible.

> Thanks so much for all that you do in all things Einstein!! I wish we could give you a tip somehow, a coffee, beer, etc… I think I’m up to owing you a case of beer by now!

Sound great. Let's a have a beer at the next physical User Meeting ;-)

  - Matthias

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