[NTLK] First Newton

Joel demetrious at mac.com
Thu Feb 4 18:35:46 PST 2021

This is such a fun subject! I’m a long time lurker here, first time poster. I hope you don’t mind me horning in on the fun :)

My first newton was a Newton MessagePad 100. I got it in college, I used it for as much as I could. Notes, games, contacts, games, showing off, games... I even used a dial up modem to get email at school. Man, that was expensive. I was so hooked on everything to do with Apple, but I definitely had a soft spot for the Newton.

My “Newton journey” is long and winding, so I won’t go on too long. Here’s the short version.

While in school, I upgraded to a 110, then a 120, then a 130. I had the school loans to show for it. After school, I worked for an Apple reseller. This was just after the Newton was killed. One thing led to another and I ended up landing a sale for about 50 MP2000 and 2100’s to a particular customer over a one year period. They were a few years after being discontinued, but the client had existing infrastructure for the Newton, and they couldn’t use anything else. After we went through new stock and then refurbished stock, I offered them the possibility of “used models”. They were in great need, and had no other option. So, I combed everywhere I could (mostly eBay) for good units to “refurb” and then sell. I got to keep all the “extras” that came, but weren’t needed. I scored so. much. stuff.

I kept collecting even after I left that employer. I have at least one working version of every model. I have most of the official Apple accessories. A bunch of software, boxes, manuals. Several eMates, even a clear case 130. I always tell myself I’m gunna try some of fun stuff I read on NewtonTalk. There never seems to be enough time... Maybe one day!

Thanks for the great stories. love ‘em.


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