[NTLK] eMate 300 board repair DZ1

SonyTEL sonytel at free.fr
Mon Apr 19 14:30:49 PDT 2021

> Le 19 avr. 2021 à 21:48, Brad Myhal <bradmyhal at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hello all.
> I just picked up an eMate 300 which will run off its battery fine, but is
> in need of repair because it was ran off of a non original power supply.
> On the board there is a component marked DZ1 right next to the power input
> that got very hot and is fried.  I am assuming it is a zener diode
> to regulate the input voltage, it has markings on it "721 KV"  Can anyone
> tell me the value of this component for sure?  Does anyone have a schematic
> of the board?  I have a good suspicion that this is the only damage and if
> I know what value this zener is I could fix it.
> Thanks in advance.


personally as an electronics engineer I would use an 8V Zener diode:
https://fr.rs-online.com/web/p/diodes-zener/1512749/ <https://fr.rs-online.com/web/p/diodes-zener/1512749/>
Or rather 7,5V 1W :
https://www.reboul.fr/catalogue/actifs-diodes-zener/descriptif_1027896.html <https://www.reboul.fr/catalogue/actifs-diodes-zener/descriptif_1027896.html>
The most difficult thing is to find one by the unit...
Obviously in the right way.

For the Newton power supply unit:
Sony SCPH-114 (220-240V) with 230V connector for continental Europe.
There is also the Sony SCPH-112A (100-240V).
You have the Sony SCPH-115 (220-240V) with the UK plug. 
On the Newton side the plug is the same size as the Apple Newton 9W power adapter.
The advantage of this is that the plug is angled, so it is less fragile for the MessagePad.
The "+" is in the middle, with 7.5V and 2A of power, so it will heat up less!
And with a ferrite on the cable to avoid parasites going up to the Newton.
I've been using one for months, it's more efficient than the original one.


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