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Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Tue Apr 13 08:04:56 PDT 2021

> Hi Sylvain,
> I don’t have that mirror on my Newton Archive, but you can check the ISO images from my software.applenewton.co.uk <http://software.applenewton.co.uk/> There is a few ISO images from Newton Users who shared their private collections. I remember that I saw somewhere there a ‘web mirror’ folders…
> Cheers,
> Pawel
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Good idea Pawel, 
I haven't downloaded all the archives of your file yet. I had started to do it, and then my ADSL connection to INternet started to be a disaster, and it is still the case unfortunately. I'll try via my phone (4G) in relay, because here we don't have fiber yet, and the ADSL is really in bad shape (in fact the operator doesn't want to replace the failing lines anymore, but to cash in on that it works very well!)

Sylvain Pilet

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