[NTLK] Full Versions of Some Software

Eric Hill eric at amigalove.com
Thu Apr 8 10:14:49 PDT 2021

Hi again everyone!

I have a question is about full versions of Newton software, from what were once offered as Shareware (pay-to-unlock). 

Originally I was looking for the full version of the epic Rogue clone for Newton, NewtHack 1.1. Everywhere I look online it’s always the demo version 1.0 (including the password for it). The 1.1 demo version is far superior yet is limited as it is only the first 5 levels. 

In desperation, I located the original game creator and asked him directly if he still had the game for sale (and/or the Password to unlock version 1.1 into a full version). Sadly he said his original disks - Iomega Zip disks - had corrupted years ago and all of the game and its source code was lost. 

He did, for what it is worth, grant free and full access for anyone to crack the 1.1 demo. And if anyone should be successful to let him know. Hah! 

Anyway - Does anyone here have the password (or unlocked full PKG version) of NewtHack 1.1? I’d very much like to get ahold of that program.

To that end, does anyone know of an online source of HexPaint or NewtPaint? All of the sites that host these programs offer the feature-limited demo versions. I even contacted legendary Newton pixel artist Pinot, and he’s on the demo version of HexPaint, too. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I do think a lot of the 20+ year old Newton programs that could be unlocked would be OK to be put somewhere online these days, at least where the original owners had been contacted and/or with a disclaimer that any of them would never be used for profit and listed purely for archival purposes for this small but vibrant community. 

Most of websites that used to sell shareware programs are only accessible via the Wayback machine at this point. And like the creator of NewtHack, he was simply blown away to even talk about his old program for the first time in years. 


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