[NTLK] Introduction and a Question

Eric Hill eric at amigalove.com
Thu Apr 8 09:56:21 PDT 2021

Hi Everyone! 

First time posting here. Many apologies if I’m beating a dead horse as I’ve done my best to research these questions but many of the sites I go to either are lists with dead links, or have simply gone dark. This includes the Newton FAQ =(

I have a MessagePad 2000 with an 8MB card. After many weeks of research and experiments, I successfully hooked it up to my old yet beautiful Quadra 700. At that stage I immediately fixed the Newton’s date (a thrill to do!). I also started to move packages over and even use Claris Organizer with it - a gorgeous program. 

I did this via the Newton’s unusual little port adapter > a serial cable > Mac serial adapter. It works! 

Next, I connected it to my G3 Pismo Powerbook via  Newton’s unusual port adapter > a serial cable > a Mac serial adapter AND an Entrega serial to USB adapter. It’s quite a chain, but everything works beautifully. Works solid every single time.

Finally, to entirely close the loop, I want to attach it to my 2015 MBP - which is running the latest OS Big Sur. 

I read various sites and acquired a Keyspan adapter. 

My Mac shows the adapter attached to the machine  in the System Report when I plug it in. When I open NCX’s Prefs, however, it only shows a “Bluetooth-incoming-port” option. The dropdown provide any other choices. And I’ve not got Bluetooth on the Newton (as far as I know). If I use my Entrega adapter, it is also seen by the machine but won’t provide a connection. 

And, of course, none of the Drivers from Tripplite are supported by Big Sur anymore. You simply can’t install them. It’ll start, but ultimately bomb before you get very far. 

Is it possible to still use the Keyspan in 2021 with Newtons, or is that option truly off the table? 

I’ve read it’s technically possible to do over WiFi, so I’ve since ordered an old PCMCIA WiFi card to go down that route. 

But if anyone knows “a trick” I can try to make the modern Mac and Newton talk to each other with these adapters that apparently worked about 4 years ago, I’d very much appreciate it. 

Thanks big time,

I have one more question, but will save that for another thread. 

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