[NTLK] Looking to buy MessagePad 130, what's a fair price?

Clint Thompson thompsonclint at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 01:17:35 PDT 2021

Hi everyone!
What's a fair price for a loose MessagePad 130 in great condition, both cosmetically and functionally?
I've seen them sell on eBay from around $80 upwards of $149 in the past few months but there's zero available right now, unfortunately. I'm not a collector but a complete boxed unit with stickers still on the case was offered to me for $300 but since I plan to actually use it and don't collect, hard passed.
Is $150 a realistic price range for one including the telescoping stylus? and does anyone have info as to why some of them have what appears to be screen burns or black-out marks on certain spots of the screen when the EL back lighting is activated? I'm located in the U.S., if anyone has a really great 130 to sell in the $140 price range (with no screen burns or major cosmetic issues) please let me know.


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