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BE CERTAIN that you ONLY purchase one that has a verifiably working display, and will boot up.

I have owned several—2 of them came to me with the dreaded SIMASIMAC, a play on the Japanese word “simasima”, which means a zebra-like pattern. An SE-30 with this affliction will have parallel lines of various thicknesses running across the display.


It’s usually caused by older leaking can capacitors. The easiest fix is to remove ALL the can capacitors, even the ones that aren’t leaking (because they probably will soon as well), clean the logic board to remove the acid from them, and replace with solid state components. But a word of warning—I had an SE/30 that persisted with SIMASIMAC, even after all the can capacitors were replaced.

The SE/30 is considered by many to be “the best computer Apple will ever make”— https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_SE/30 . It’s an excellent choice, and what I use to sync with my MP2100.


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> Looking for a SE 30 to use for creating Newton freeware software, but don't want to pay ebay prices... Any pointers appreciated!
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