[Sonug] Who's still out there?

Michael Blazer michael.blazer at gmail.com
Sat May 31 10:09:19 EDT 2014

The Wiccan was Tiffany or something like that? She also tried valiantly to fix my popped eMate hinge at what I think was our very first SONUG meeting.

I remember the hitchhiker too except I think was Tichnor? Can't recall first name.

On 2014-05-30, at 9:52 PM, romantic at ideal-access.com wrote:

> Not dark at all Alvin. She was (is) a coder.
> Then there is a name that escapes me at
> the moment. From Montreal. I see his name
> in the credit scroll of sci-fi movies. He has
> made it big time. Trichnor was his surname.
> He hitch hiked to our meetings on Queen St.
> Who was the Mac guru that souped up my SE-30?
> He was from Oshawa.
> Roman
> PS
> The Wiccan programer wrote a Newton app...
> The book of Wiccan or similar???
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