[NTLK] ROM dump

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Mon Oct 30 15:33:15 PDT 2023

> On 30 Oct 2023, at 22:00, Grant Hutchinson via NewtonTalk <newtontalk at newtontalk.net> wrote:
>> On Oct 30, 2023, at 1:01 PM, Pawel Piotrowski <newton at indigi.co.uk> wrote:
>> Could you upload it on my server, please: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VX0xTmzjKEvsrwSt2QEF
>> I will put it public, available for everybody.
> Done.
> One thing to note ... I extracted the ROM twice and then compared the two files using BBEdit’s Compare function. The contents of the two dumps were very different. Not sure why that would be the case, seeing as the ROM is a fixed chunk of data.
> I would love to hear from anyone who is able to boot Einstein (or something else) using this image.
> (Just to make sure it actually works.)

I’ve tried to run it on Einstein, but no luck. Einstein just quit, without any errors or something. Just quit.

So, I think our brainers need to look at it ;)

Best regards,
Pawel Piotrowski

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