[NTLK] Shorted workflow to modern Mac

Perley Mears perley at mears.us
Mon Oct 30 12:19:08 PDT 2023


    I was just thinking about this type of workflow, due to recent
information from the list and GNUM inspiring me to build a USB A to eMate
power cable and verifying my eMate runs fine off the plethora of USB
batteries I have for my iPhones, et al, and wanting to do something similar
to you, i.e. writing on my eMate, and somehow getting the text to my
iPhone. While I haven't actually implemented this yet, I thought about
networking my eMate and using NPDS to make the text available via a
browser. The little research I have done so far leads me to believe that
using Notepad Server plugin with NPDS, and using Notes for writing, it
should be straightforward to host the text, and by connecting to the served
NPDS page from my iPhone, I can easily grab the text. You are part way
there having networking already set up on your eMate.


Perley Mears
perley at mears.us

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