[NTLK] More Rare-ish Newton Stuff

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Wed Nov 8 15:55:39 PST 2023

They are one and the same.  I just went on a "brief" (2 hour) 
archaeological expedition into my email history to confirm what 
happened. The original driver was announced on-list:


At the time, many folks were picking up folding keyboards for 
Palm/Handsprings very cheaply, and adapting them for the Newton. At the 
same time, some of these barcode wands changing hands and I purchased 
one, but people had no way to use them outside of the specific Newton 
apps that expected them to be connected.  Daniel wrote a Newton OS 
driver for the keyboard, and I asked him if I could use his driver as a 
basis to write one for the InPath.  He obliged and sent me the source code.

I have an email where Daniel emailed me the second version of the driver 
and the WinNTK source, but I can't recall what changes were made, or why 
I didn't do them myself. That may have been discussed in some ICQ chats 
which are long, long gone.

Even more information I found in my email:

- The InPath wands are rebadged or customized versions of the HP 
SmartWand 8000 series - probably the HPSW-8200.
- Apparently, I used to have the original manual for the InPath as well, 
but glob knows if I know where it is.  I know that it has a bunch of 
barcodes that can be scanned to configure the reader itself, which might 
be useful to folks who want to reset theirs back to the default 
settings.  And I can't find it anywhere online, nor the HP SmartWand 
manual, so scanning your manual would be an opportunity to preserve this 


On 2023-11-08 12:00, Grant Hutchinson wrote:
>> On Nov 7, 2023, at 5:10 PM, Victor Rehorst <victor at chuma.org> wrote:
>> Downloads and documentation: http://old.chuma.org/newton/inpath/
> Ok, now I’m confused.
> Is this package (and source) different than the one Daniel pointed at on UNNA?
> If so, what exactly is the difference? (Asking for a FAQ friend.)
> g.
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