[NTLK] More Rare-ish Newton Stuff

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Tue Nov 7 16:10:07 PST 2023

Downloads and documentation: http://old.chuma.org/newton/inpath/

On 2023-11-07 14:09, Grant Hutchinson wrote:
>> On Nov 6, 2023, at 4:28 PM, Don Stewart <DonS at sdalc.org> wrote:
>> Grant, do you have the software for the Mobile Wand? I have the manual,
>> the wand, and the original box, but don’t know if I ever had the software.
> I’ll take a look ... I’m pretty sure mine didn’t come with anything other than the manual.
> Thank goodness for Mr Padilla!
> Daniel, I’m surprised that the InPath package isn’t on your software page.
> http://dev.newtontalk.net/dpadilla/progs.htm

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