[NTLK] More Rare-ish Newton Stuff

Don Stewart DonS at sdalc.org
Sat Nov 4 23:37:56 PDT 2023

I am continuing to clear out my stash of Newton stuff, and at this link you can see 3 Digital River Groupers and a box for a Mobile Wand 400. 

The Groupers, as I understand them, are wireless solutions for MP 110 and 120. I believe they connect with other Digital River components, which were sold for Mac networks.  I have never tried these. 

The Mobile Wand 400 is a bar-code reader for the Newton. I have never had a use for this. 

Before I offer to give these away for the cost of shipping, I would like to see if anyone actually would be interested in purchasing the Groupers or the Mobile Wand, so let me know. 

I will list the rest of my Newton collection soon. Basically, I have 3 upgraded MP 2000s, 1 MP 2100, a handful of memory cards, a couple of modem cards, several wireless cards, cables, adapters, 3 books on Programming the Newton, and a large box of software, much in unopened boxes. 

So, I hope any interested in the Groupers of Digital Wand will let me know. 

Don Stewart

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