[NTLK] OT - Off topic - Looking for dimensions of Encyclopaedia Britannica (2010 edition)

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Sun May 21 13:24:30 PDT 2023

This is so off-topic that I'd suggest you don't read it. Unless, of course,
you want to help me :-)

I'm looking for the weight and the dimensions of a complete set of the
latest printed edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. My favorite
Artificial Intelligence told me that this was the 2010 edition which
consisted of 32 volumes, with each volume weighing about 1,5kg and having a
height of 26.5cm. ChatGPT isn't aware of either the width or the thickness
of a volume.
If you happen to have that encyclopedia sitting on your shelf: Could you do
me a favor and let me know the shelf space required for this edition? Or at
least the width and the thickness of a single volume? Amazingly, I wasn't
able to find this info in our worldwide web, although I've been searching
for the better part of an hour. I admit that it might be Frank who's the
problem here, not the worldwide web.


And now back to our usual Newton topics...



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