[NTLK] here's what adult adhd looks like virtually in person (re:emate300 open sourced RAM cards)

Tim eft37 at earthlink.net
Mon May 8 12:32:11 PDT 2023

Hello group, long time no writes.
Learned this year at 50, that I have adhd. Cool!
I glance at the digest like 1-4 times a month, but am otherwise dormant.

I have 3 emates, my "good one" that works (or did) with a MrPCB Man RAM upgrade from the last batch, and then 2 that exhibit the ribbon cable issue.Those share 1 power brick. I have 2 original boxes and a lot of paperwork too.
Imagine my glee when I pop in and see this amazing new card available. I think to myself "I can solder, I like eMates, let me bang out 20 of these to sell and be a hero in the community!", next thing I know the gerbers are in my PCBWay Cart, I've sourced most of the parts and have inquiries into getting the ram chips. I start writing this email. Chat GPT tells me I can't sell them for profit.
It's 2+ weeks later and I came to my senses about wanting love from a community I participate in bi-yearly...and stop.
But I found my eMates, and since my current plan is to gut one and retrofit it with SBC and new components, I realize I should keep a "janky emate" for this purpose, sell my good one with a spare and get on with my adventures.
I'm in Illinois, unafraid of shipping and am selling 2 eMates boxed with manuals and stuff. One works (worked I lost ability to patch and it hasn't been on since fitting that PCBMan ram card) and the other for sure needs a ribbon cable fix at the very least, so it'd be your spare machine.
Who's interested before I put it on eBay with an insane buy-it-now price (see my auctions for example).


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