[NTLK] MP200u boot loop

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:26:59 PST 2023

>Upon booting, the ?splash screen? is displayed for about 2 sec.
>Then, the screen goes blank (not black) for about 5 sec.
>As long as there?s power, the pattern repeats.

I recently had a problem with my 2000 where it got stuck in a boot loop (seems to happen whenever I take it apart and remove the ROM card temporarily. The first time it started up was the longest, then it repeatedly rebooted a dozen or so times. Frustrated, I held the power button down and pressed reset, which makes it ask if I want to delete all data. I selected NO. It then rebooted several more times and then was usable, and has been fine since.

Don’t know if that helps you but it was useful for me.
Noah Leon
Keep the Green!

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