[NTLK] [Androda] Status Of Upgrade Modules

Jacob [Androda] ntlk at androda.work
Tue Apr 11 07:50:46 PDT 2023

Hello NewtonTalk,

I am Jacob [Androda] and this is a status update on the various 
requested upgrades.  As mentioned by Sylvain here 
I have made 6 of the DRAM+Flash upgrades for eMate 300, and 30 more PCBs 
are on order.  The additional PCBs are likely to arrive the week of 
April 17 through 22.

These 6 are presently listed on my site, but with a catch - a special 
coupon code must be entered before checkout is permitted. This is just 
an attempt to keep things "orderly" and allow those that requested one 
first to be first in line.

Three modules are spoken for by people that contacted me before this 
NewtonTalk queue started forming, so for now there are three available.

Forrest and Bruno (aka SonyTel) France, there's a module available for 
each of you.  Alan Grassia is next in line once I assemble more of the 
Internal Serial modules for 2x00 and 2100. To receive the special coupon 
code, please email the contact address on this page 
<https://androda.work/about/> from your newtontalk email address.

I will get on assembling those internal serial modules while waiting for 
PCBs to arrive for eMates.

Thanks everyone,

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