[NTLK] I am back

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Sun Apr 9 15:30:04 PDT 2023

Hi Pawel,

Nice to hear from you. 
You see we were waiting quietly, not much has happened here. 
I think that this period of humanity (which started with the Cov!d episode) is causing great upheavals in everyone's life. Whatever the reason, we are and will all be impacted in some way by recent and future events. 
You don't have to justify yourself to us, everyone comes here and consumes their passion (of the Newtons) as they can, as they want, and I hope that no one here will ever force themselves to do something they don't want to. Also nobody here will judge you on the time you give to the community, you have already done so much for this community, that it would be very rude to do so. 
See you soon, for a GNUM or something, or even for a beer :-) 

Sylvain Pilet

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