[NTLK] flash longevity question

B kosmicdollop at saber.net
Mon Sep 19 19:38:26 PDT 2022

WOW!! Thanks mucho, Dan!!

Will check things out!!!


Dan shared:

> I wouldn't be.  SSD's all have SMART or something similar to monitor  
> its condition (or should).  I would get something that can read that  
> (there are many SMART tools out there) and see what it says for the  
> amount of used 'spare' blocks and the remaining 'spare' free blocks.  
>  If you are using spare blocks, time to clone the drive.
> Usually though this is built into the laptops BIOS to check the  
> SMART data.  And if the spare blocks (or other) conditions get low  
> to lock the system and not let you boot normally.  You have to turn  
> this feature off in BIOS to get it to boot, then clone the drive  
> FAST.  But this generally happens a while before data loss can  
> occur.  Backups are always a good idea though.
> As this thread was started with the wonderment of how long FLASH  
> lasts unused/stored as I had heard it fades when I had only heard  
> writes moved it towards failure  But with the newer technology (MLC,  
> TLC, etc) the 'charge' in the cells can deplete with time causing  
> storage/data loss.  With all that has been found out, it is actually  
> encouraging.  But I would power it up on occasion.  In your case  
> with the laptop in daily use, that is not an issue.
> As for RAM, that is totally different.  They do not 'wear out'  
> compared to flash.  There isn't any 'fatigue' with writing/rewriting  
> as there is with flash.  But of course it all goes poof the instant  
> the power is removed (but I think we all know that).  Sure anything  
> can fail, but in general they last a long long long time.
> -Dan
> On 9/19/2022 4:34 AM, B wrote:
>> Wow! I'm a bit worried now..
>> ..about my Mac. (Actually a ModBook Pro.)
>> It just has two SSD's, one holds the boot partition.
>> I’ve been using it hours daily for a good decade.
>> None of the partitions are near full, but looks like I can expect  
>> failure sooner than later.
>> Good to know!!
>> But now I have another question: what about RAM? I suppose that  
>> also wears out eventually.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> B
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