[NTLK] Looking for sync/dock cable for my eMate 300

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Wed Sep 7 10:56:21 PDT 2022

> On Aug 26, 2022, at 9:12 AM, Erik Jacob <erikjacob691 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still looking for a sync cable for my eMate 300 that I can
> use to connect it to my PowerBook G3 Pismo. If anybody has an extra one
> lying around, could you send me a message?

Hey, Erik.

I meant to reply to your original message, but it slipped off my radar.

I’m pretty sure that I have a cable you can use with your eMate. I’ll send a separate email and we can figure out exactly what’s what.



Grant Hutchinson
NewtonTalk List Dad & Interweb Custodian

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