[NTLK] Einstein now with printer support

Matthias Melcher m.melcher at robowerk.de
Sun May 29 15:41:50 PDT 2022

Since we are celebrating a 30 year anniversary, I thought I can also do an early release of printing support for Einstein.

This is tested on MacOS only. I did compile a Linux and Windows version as well, but I can't test them at the moment, so it may or may not work. This is only for the FLTK version.


Just launch Einstein, draw some squiggles in your notes, and choose "Print Note". In the following mail envelope dialog, tap the "Printer" pulldown and tap "Choose Other Printer". 

In the new "Select a Printer" dialog, scroll down, and select "EinsteinPrtr 150dpi" and close this dialog. 

Back on the envelope-style dialog, tap "Print" and "Now". Einstein should now present a dialog box to choose a printer on the host operating system. You can also change paper size, etc. . Click OK and Newton should print your squiggles on any installed printer.

 - Matthias

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