[NTLK] Dictionary transplant

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu May 5 03:14:25 PDT 2022

To the best of my knowledge the eMate can use either character recognition
or word recognition when trying to decipher one's handwriting. Word
recognition requires the built-in dictionary. Is this correct so far?

Transplanting the dictionary as a whole from a German 2x00's ROM to the
eMate ROM would make a lot of sense for a German eMate OS. For that I'd need
to know (at least) two things:

a) at which address in the ROM the dictionary begins and
b) how big it is?

Is the dictionaries' size always the same regardless of the language? Is it
in one consecutive block, or are dictionary chunks spread all over the ROM?
Does such a block transfer make sense at all, or would the different word
lengths prevent the search algorithm from working in the first place?



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