[NTLK] A new ROM board

DXH dxh at woh.rr.com
Wed Mar 16 13:58:49 PDT 2022

Hi Matthias,

> By now, I fully tested adding 8MB of additional packages in that first block. With a dedicated programmer, that can be done now. I am writing software that will enable this feature for everyone.

By this you mean you the programmer functionality would now be on the Newton?
So, installing a package could progress as normal and load to internal flash or be directed to the Rom Flash?
How do you envisage the software working?

> So we know how to address 8+8+16MB=32MB of the card. The hardware interface of the card has an additional address pin, which appears very much like an afterthought. It's not used by the OS, but it is very much addressable by the CPU, so we actually have an additional 32MB of memory available. I am not sure if that can be used easily for anything, but it's there nevertheless.

Are you able to access it on the Newton with suitable software? As the OS doesn’t see it, perhaps that would be a handy place to park alternate firmware and issue a command ( if possible) to swap in the alternate?

Also, if you are developing software to let the casual user program the Flash ROM from their device, it kinda obviates the need for an external programmer therefore, I will drop my request for an LCD interface. You have better things to do with your time.

This project looks to shaping up really well. Excellent work!


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