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Michael Blazer m.blazer at utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 20 06:40:12 PDT 2022

As predicted in this year-old thread, the first couple of episodes of
season 3 (now set in the early 1990s) do feature Newtons!

My first sighting was the NASA director's assistant following her around
reading off her day's agenda on a Newton.  Newtons are also shown being
used for colour video calls, including one between Earth and the moon
base.  Those ones have a nice camera attachment on top.  A couple of times
characters are shown returning their Newtons to some kind of large dock,
which looks like it might be based on an Apple external hard drive that may
have really existed.  There are some closeups of pretty authentic-looking
UIs too.

I thought they looked like 2000 series Newts but this iMore article says
they're 120s:

Cult of Mac managed to review the new season without even mentioning the
Newtons :-/


On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 21:30, Maury Estabrooks <maurye at gmail.com> wrote:

> The AppleTV + series, For All Mankind, has a real possibility of adding a
> Newton device to season 3. The premise of the show is what if the USA lost
> the space race. What would/could happen if the Cold War extended to the
> Soviet and US bases on the moon.
> I was listening to a podcast summarizing the final episode this season.
> Season 2 was based  in the 1980s. Season 3 is based in the early to mid
> 1990s with man and or woman on Mars. The podcast hosts speculated the
> possibility of a Newton device playing a role as an Apple centric show.
> Food for thought.
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