[NTLK] Einstein (x64) Version Works OK with NCU via TCP

Ralph ralph at fladda.plus.com
Sun Jan 30 11:29:34 PST 2022

I've been an MP2100 user since 1997 but this is my first post to
the Newtontalk forum.

I have successfully 'docked' my MP2100 to a PC and saved out a backup
file from my MP2100 using NCU on an ESXi based Windows 2008x64 Virtual
Machine (VM) running NCU v1. The ESXi server that I'm using luckily has
a 'real' 9-pin serial port. The V-Sphere (ESXi 5.5 client software)
allows the serial port to be 'connected' to the VM running NCU. I use
the standard Newton MP2100 serial cable and the Newton serial dongle,
to connect the NCU on a PC (running on a VM) to my (real) Newton.

In order to slow down the VM processor speed, I'm using the 'HeavyLoad'
utility from Jam Software to automatically 'gobble-up' unwanted
processor ticks. HeavyLoad seems to work well with NCU - much better
than the other utilities previously mentioned on this forum. Note: I
just tried HeavyLoad for this NCU experimentation just because as I'd
used it successfully for some problem simulation with a PC application
whilst 'at work'.

Before using 'Heavyload' I tried slowing down the processor massively
to say 66Mhz in my VM (easy with V-Sphere). This made NCU keep going for
much longer before an error occurred. However, I never managed to save
out a backup file from my Netwon.

Getting the Newton backup file onto my NAS server was the easy part.
Getting the backup file loaded from NCU into Matthius's (and Paul's)
excellent Newton Emulator Einstein took a bit of time to get going.
I'll post details for doing this using an x64 Windows PC in a day or


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