[NTLK] Watson Repository… .pkg for Watson NewtonOS 2.x FR (Schlumberger | MP2x00 Clone)

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Sun Feb 27 03:34:59 PST 2022

Frank is in the process of completing a new version of NewtTest, so that it will recognise Watson ROMs, this will be the first Newton software that will be compatible with all versions of NewtonOS including and for the first time the French Watson with NewtonOS 2.x FR. 
NewtTest will be the first application that includes Watson natively. 
To celebrate this and to allow the happy owners of Watson to take advantage to the maximum of their so particular Newton, I propose you a specific Repository which will gather applications compatible with the Watson. 

But while waiting for the new release of NewtTest, I have already made available some pkgs that work with the Watsons. You can either upload them to your Watson with a serial cable connection, or upload them to one of your other Newtons and copy them to a PCMCIA card or even use the infra-red transfer between your Newton and your Watson to transmit them to your Watson. For the moment some NIE modules are not compatible with Watsons, so it is impossible to use the transfer directly via the network.
Last detail, the pkgs compatible with Watson are also compatible with the MP2x00 US, but not the reverse.

For the moment there are just a few applications in this repository, I will add some from time to time, as I convert them. Or, if you need a particular pkg, ask me, but beware not all are compatible with Watson. 

I also plan to localize some applications in French, this is possible when the sources of these applications are available and the code remains in NTK, otherwise it exceeds my current skills.
The first of this localization is, courtesy of Adam Tow, nBattleship 2.5. You surely know this game, it is the game that allows one or two players to play naval battle, with one or two Newtons via the infrared link. It is already available this weekend in French in this Repository.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing... the link!

Sylvain Pilet

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