[NTLK] Followup: Need help with compiling and running WatsonEnabler

Matthias Melcher m.melcher at robowerk.de
Tue Feb 22 02:15:48 PST 2022

> On 22. Feb 2022, at 00:57, Sylvain Pilet <sylvain at pilet.net> wrote:
> The important thing is that you can convert pkg with WatsonEnabler, bravo :-)
> It's always good to share our problem solving on the NewtonTalk-List, I often do research there myself...

Before I dive aimlessly into the DCL source code: can anyone explain to me how the Package file is modified to run on the Watson? newt/0 can create read-to-run package files for NewtonOS 2.x. Maybe I can add the option to make the Watson compatible right into newt/0.

 - Matthias

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