[NTLK] Followup: Need help with compiling and running WatsonEnabler

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Mon Feb 21 15:49:59 PST 2022

David, Silvain, first of all, thanks a lot for your help.

> Perhaps the details might be better off list, but ?

I'd rather we kept them on-list. Had I been able to find this information in
the NewtonTalk archives yesterday, I might have been able to solve this
problem on my own. Keeping this information on the list might make the life
of the next person willing to go on this crusade a little easier.
> With g++ installed, Paul?s instructions above appeared to work fine for

After installing g++, they worked fine for me, too.

> A few warnings here and there, but the tests passed, and I have a
libDCL.so in the build directory ?

So have I, as of ten minutes ago :-)

Since I remembered Silvain telling me that some library must be copied to
/usr/local/lib, I took the liberty to assume that libDCL.so is in fact this
library. So I copied it to /usr/local/lib. Since I just succeeded in
creating a Watson-compatible NewtTest package by 

   a) navigating to the folder "build/Sample_Code/PackageUtils" and 

   b) calling "WatsonEnabler NewtTestOriginal.pkg NewtTestWatson.pkg"

I'm assuming my assumption must have been correct.

Did I recently mention that this list is incredible?




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