[NTLK] Looking for possible Watson OS versions

fg2 fg2 at pda-soft.de
Mon Feb 21 15:49:59 PST 2022

Hi gang,

I'm currently working on NewtTest in order to make it recognize Schlumberger
Watson units. Unfortunately, these animals come with different ROM versions.
Currently I am aware of two:

F2.1 (F1-037)-1


These two are in Silvains possession, and I've seen pictures, so I'm sure
those two exist.

A long time ago Paul told me that their version string can also be F-717006
since the OS is so very close to a MP2x00 US.

Does anybody on this list have a Watson with ROM version F-717006? And,
while we're at it, does anybody on this list have a Watson with a ROM
version other than F2.1 (F1-037)-1, 2.2.00-0 or F-717006?

In case you have, what is this version?



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